Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home till 2010

I will finally be home until the new year. After a year full of travels and wonderful places Lucille and I are planning a quiet holiday sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating, and hanging out with our close friends. It's been a great year, personally and musically speaking and I just feel once again so lucky to be doing what I love to do and hopefully getting every day closer and closer to my music.
My proudest 2009 moment? Racking up nearly 140,000 base miles on American Airlines, and qualifying for ExecPlat for the fourth year in a row...
Musically speaking there have been lots of rewarding moments, among them the release of Bach Transcribed and its reception. But honestly, it would be unfair to pick out single events as I luckily still feel that what I enjoy the most is the process of diving deeper and deeper in the music, day after day.
So, back to the couch for few minutes, with a nice espresso, then alas, my piano is awaiting. Lots of repertoire to learn as it feels a full year of performances is literally just around the corner, with my personal hope to start in January with renewed energy and more enthusiasm than ever.
Happy holidays and remember to eat well and that life is too short for bad wine...


  1. Man! Alessio! that "fishermans stew" looks fabulous. I cook a lot of fish myself, my current kick is to make a fast "fish casserole" by pitching one or two Tilapia filets in an au gratin dish, throw in chopped onions (which I just buy already diced at Central Market) and cover it all with a Tomato & Basil pasta sauce (Bertolli's, which won the America's Test kitchen TV show blind tasting for store-bought pasta sauces). So this takes about 60 seconds prep time, then maybe 20 minutes in the countertop oven, then I wolf it down. Well, I see your're in DFW plenty in 2010, so I'll see you around the neighborhood. Adam Golka is playing some Mozart and Schubert tomorrow (Jan 2, 2010) at the Modern - Fort Worth (FW Chamber Soc.) and I see you'll be with them for an April 10, 2010 concert. I've got some CD's to give you when I see you next in Fort Worth.
    Thomas Ramey